hand spray paint application
Spraytek has multiple coating production lines for high-volume programs. We also have multiple batch systems for lower-volume programs. Based on your part configuration, we will develop a rack that will convey through our entire paint system. The production lines include a full wash cycle with zinc phosphate. After a full cleaning and pre-treatment, the parts will head to the spray booth for robotic or hand spraying. The parts will then move through our engineered cure ovens capable of meeting a wide range of heat requirements. SprayTek’s painting systems can apply your specified coatings using FANUC Paint Robots that are engineered to provide a precise, reliable and affordable solution to coat a variety of consumer goods.

Robotic Process Advantages

robotic paint spray arm

  • Robotic application provides proper coverage per specification
  • Eliminate product defects caused by film build variation
  • Repeatable robot paths and consistent gun triggering means the application will reduce re-work
  • Consistent gun to target distance
  • Consistent material delivery
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Extremely fast acceleration and deceleration motion results in faster cycle times
  • Line tracking and stationary applications

Spraytek applies dip-spin finishes using several steps. After pre-treatment, we load the fasteners into baskets and submerge them into the coating. To remove excess material from the fasteners, we remove the baskets from the coating and spin them in alternate directions at high rotating speeds. Following the dip-spin process, we cure the fasteners in ovens to dry and develop hardness in the coating material.

Spraytek evaluates each order and part configuration to determine the best process controls and set up. We establish coating thickness by controlling paint viscosity, rpms and spin times. Multiple layers of paint may be repeated to meet different requirements. Our dip-spin process can apply organic and chrome-free finishes to automotive and non-automotive metal components. This highly efficient, cost-effective process provides high transfer efficiencies, high volume, short dwell times and oven-cured parts.

metal parts in heat curing process

dip spin application
SprayTek invested in a Jessup eight-stage zinc phosphate barrel wash line that will allow us to process more volume and enhance our overall metal finish quality. Our sister companies, Depor Industries, Inc. and Anti-Friction Enterprises, Ltd. (AFEL), offer tilt-tumble and rack spin, dip drain, flow coat and coil coat.