hand spray paint application
Spraytek has multiple coating production lines for high-volume programs. We also have multiple batch systems for lower-volume programs. Based on your part configuration, we will develop a rack that will convey through our entire paint system. The production lines include a full wash cycle with zinc phosphate. After a full cleaning and pre-treatment, the parts will head to the spray booth for robotic or hand spraying. The parts will then move through our engineered cure ovens capable of meeting a wide range of heat requirements. SprayTek’s painting systems can apply your specified coatings using FANUC Paint Robots that are engineered to provide a precise, reliable and affordable solution to coat a variety of consumer goods.

Robotic Process Advantages

robotic paint spray arm

  • Robotic application provides proper coverage per specification
  • Eliminate product defects caused by film build variation
  • Repeatable robot paths and consistent gun triggering means the application will reduce re-work
  • Consistent gun to target distance
  • Consistent material delivery
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Extremely fast acceleration and de