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auto spec

autoboltsSprayTek Applies various organic coatings to meet Automotive specifications. The most popular thin-film coatings we apply to metal components are called Magni 565 and Magni 560.
Magni 565 and 560 are chrome-free duplex fastener coating systems; they pass 1000 hours of salt spray testing and offer repeatable torque/tension characteristics in assembly. Magni 560 is a duplex coating system that combines electroplated zinc and hex chrome-free passivated substrate with an aluminum-rich chrome free organic top coat. Both of these coatings are engineered to protect the metal from the corrosive effects of heat, humidity, chemicals and bi-metallic contact and improve surface characteristics such as lubricity, conductivity and color.
Magni 511, a chrome free duplex fastener coating popular for nuts and threaded components, is engineered with integrated friction modifiers to eliminate the need for sealers or post coating lubricants.

non-auto spec

decking milSprayTek Applies various non-automotive water reducible coatings for Industrial, Construction and Commercial applications. The Magni 569 chrome-free coating is best for ACQ Wood in the building and deck industry. These water-based coatings, available in over 20 colors, have excellent weatherability and resist corrosion to treated lumber. These same colored coatings are sold in all major hardware centers as well.


The Military receives Magni Coatings applied at SprayTek, from bolts and fasteners to plating and tubing.





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