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facilityTour our SprayTek facility and you'll find an environment that is rich in technology.
Our spray coating process includes a precision spray-chain-on-edge conveyor system and an overhead power and free conveyor system that incorporates an in-line pretreatment system. PLC's control the automation that performs the actual spraying, delivering a degree of repeatability that simply cannot be achieved in any other way.

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SprayTek Inc. is committed to work as a team to provide quality coatings to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of the coatings systems, related services and the quality management system. SprayTek is also committed to providing a safe and environmentally friendly work place.

rackContact Kip, our Operations Manager via email or call him at 248-399-5580.



our systems

Inventory and Logistics
SprayTek's state of the art inventory control system tracks your parts from receipt to completion and ensures compete traceability.

Our labeling, storage, logistics and computer tracking system ensures that only quality parts are shipped out to you, our valued customer.



Spraytek runs three shifts, 24 hours a day.

Our receiving hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday—Friday.



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