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Please review the animation above, the steps below or contact us for a plant tour.

SprayTek's Dip Spin
This Process is a bulk application method that applies coatings in an effective and economical manner. Once parts are washed and dried they are placed in a mesh basket and submerged in the coating.

The Basket is removed after a brief immersion, from the solution and is centrifuged to remove and recover excess coating. This spinning process ensures uniform coating thickness.

Coating Thickness is established by controlling paint viscosity, rpm’s and spin times. Multiple layers of paint may be repeated to meet different requirements.

Parts Are Cured in the final step. The end result is a durable coating that features bimetallic corrosion protection and consistent frictional characteristics without imposing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Transfer Efficiencies as high as 98% can be achieved with the precise, repeatable Dip Spin method.

Each Order and part configuration is evaluated to determine the best process controls and set up.

Our sister companies offer WMV Tilt-Tumble Dip Spin, spray coat (air-driven and electrostatic), dip drain, flow coat and coil coat. Click here for Depor and AFEL.



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